US silence and inaction enables Israeli war crimes!!
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US silence and inaction enables Israeli war crimes!!

To: Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn

From: A constituent in Dallas, TX

May 27

The ongoing violence and loss of civilian lives in Gaza is deeply alarming, with Israel being the primary perpetrator of violence and potential war crimes. The strike on the camp for displaced Palestinians that killed dozens, including women and children, and saw a baby lose its head, underscores the grave human rights violations and disregard for international humanitarian law. While Israel claims to have targeted Hamas officials, the reported civilian casualties raise serious concerns about disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks. The International Court of Justice's ruling calling for an immediate halt to Israeli military operations in Rafah highlights the risk of Israel inflicting conditions that could physically destroy Palestinians in Gaza in whole or in part. Allegations of war crimes and potential arrest warrants for leaders on both sides underscore the gravity of the situation. The United States' political leadership continuing to stand firmly behind a country like Israel that is committing apparent war crimes makes the US appear as an enabler of human rights abuses on the world stage. In light of these developments, it is imperative that the US uses its influence to hold Israel accountable, enforce compliance with international law, and facilitate a cessation of hostilities and resumption of credible peace negotiations to address the root causes of the violence and prevent further casualties. A comprehensive and impartial investigation into the events in Rafah and alleged violations of international law by all parties is warranted. The United States CANNOT continue to enable Israel's war crimes by being complacent and silent or by continuing to throw more money and arms at Israel. Remember, Senator, you are a citizen of this country representing US citizens and our interests. Your fervent love and support of Israel is beginning to look treasonous since apparently supporting another country above all else matters more to you than listening to constituents or making effective change for us here in Texas. Where are those bills to help with affordable housing? The homeless? Public education? To tax the rich? To get corporations to invest more at home? Oh right, you're busy writing bills that don't help Texans and are busy sucking up to Israel despite their proven war crimes the ICC seeking arrest warrants for Netanyah. Shame on you.

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