Oppose Discriminatory SB1182 Harming Transgender Youth
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Oppose Discriminatory SB1182 Harming Transgender Youth

To: Sen. Sundareshan, Rep. Mathis, Rep. Gutierrez

From: A verified voter in Tucson, AZ

July 5

This proposed legislation, SB1182, which mandates separate shower facilities in public schools based on biological sex assigned at birth, is deeply concerning. It promotes discrimination against transgender and non-binary students, jeopardizing their safety, privacy, and human dignity. Numerous studies have shown that such policies increase the risk of harassment, bullying, and violence against LGBTQ+ youth. This bill disregards recommendations from leading medical associations, which support allowing transgender individuals to use facilities aligned with their gender identity. Furthermore, SB1182 raises serious constitutional issues regarding equal protection and due process rights. Courts have repeatedly struck down similar discriminatory restroom restrictions, deeming them violations of Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause. This legislation invites costly legal challenges that Arizona taxpayers will ultimately fund. Rather than creating solutions for non-existent problems, we should prioritize creating affirming and inclusive school environments for all students. I urge you to oppose SB1182 and any other measures that marginalize vulnerable youth. Our schools must be safe havens fostering understanding, not perpetuating discrimination and putting children at risk of harm.

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