Uphold Supreme Court integrity through binding ethics rules
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Uphold Supreme Court integrity through binding ethics rules

To: Sen. Johnson, Sen. Baldwin, Rep. Fitzgerald

From: A constituent in Pewaukee, WI

May 25

The Supreme Court must uphold the highest ethical standards and public trust. Recent revelations about Justice Alito's associations with symbols of election denialism and the January 6th insurrection raise serious doubts about his impartiality on cases related to those events. For the Court to maintain legitimacy, new binding ethics rules akin to those for federal judges should be established. Furthermore, Justices Alito and Thomas should strongly consider recusal or resignation to preserve judicial integrity and avoid any perception of bias that could undermine public faith in the Court's decisions on these pivotal matters tied to the 2020 election and efforts to overturn it. Maintaining strict ethical guidelines is essential for safeguarding the rule of law and the Court's vital role as an independent, unbiased arbiter.

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