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Ceasefire Now

To: Sen. Eckhardt, Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Rep. Flores

From: A constituent in Austin, TX

December 17, 2023

If you want a chance at re-election, you will support full Palestinian liberation. This means you will expedite a resolution calling for an IMMEDIATE & PERMANENT CEASEFIRE. Condemn “Israeli” dehumanization of Palestinians and violations of international law. This condemnation shall include but not be limited to: - All 75 years of “Israeli” occupation of Palestine - “Israeli” ethnic cleansing / forced displacement of Palestinians - “Israeli” apartheid, including the restriction on Palestinians’ freedom of movement throughout their own land - Illegal “Israeli” settlements throughout Occupied Palestine - 16 year blockade on Gaza With regards to the current intensification of zionists’ genocidal campaign, you shall condemn “Israel” for AT LEAST the following: - Knowledge of Hamas’s Oct. 7th operation at least a year in advance. This means that the zionists chose to let it happen to use it as justification to indiscriminately attack Palestinian civilians. Their plan is to martyr enough Palestinians in the hopes that survivors will leave Palestine as refugees, so that they can steal “abandoned” plots of land. Among their plans for the Gaza strip is to develop a natural gas field which will generate billions of dollars in revenue. - Complete siege on Gaza - Targeting of civilians - Targeting of healthcare workers & hospitals DO NOT condemn Palestinian resistance. International law guarantees the right of occupied peoples to defend themselves against occupation by any means necessary, which includes the use of armed forces. The Oct. 7th attack by Hamas was justified as a means of liberation. You will do what I outlined if you want to maintain your career. You may still be staunchly in denial, but deep down, we both know there’s no chance of your re-election should you continually support this genocide. So change course and support Palestinian liberation. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.

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