Please Change the narrative!
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Please Change the narrative!

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Ruppersberger, Sen. Van Hollen, Sen. Cardin

From: A verified voter in Cockeysville, MD

July 2

I am writing in support of President Biden.  However, I am extremely upset about the way the Democratic Party and especially the news media are portraying the events since the debate.  OK, it wasn’t the best debate, but it is a very logical way to react when someone is spewing lies at you.  The President looked dumbfounded, not because he is old and confused, but because the statements coming from Trump were so unhinged!  How do you respond to such lies?  Lies, spoken with force and confidence, are still lies!  President Biden was trying to figure out how to respond to that.   I think we, the Democrats, need to change the narrative.  By going on and on about President Biden’s poor performance, we need to pivot to talk about the lies Trump was saying.  For example, to those who are upset with how President Biden has handled the situation in Gaza, listen to what Trump said he would do.  He said he would “finish the job.”  That doesn’t mean negotiate a peace; that doesn’t mean negotiate a two-state system; that means continued annihilation of the Palestinian people.  Is that what they want?  If not, they must vote for Biden.  Similarly, regarding abortion/women’s reproductive rights, what on earth did he mean that Democrats want to abort children after they are born?  How do you respond to such a ridiculous statement?  And yet the media is not driving these points home.  They are focused on looking for a replacement for Biden.  We need to STOP that kind of rhetoric.  That isn’t helping anyone.   Trump hesitated on whether he would accept the results of the election.  Meaning, he’d only accept the results if he wins.  We need to make sure people understand that!  Also, his ridiculous comments about the border and those crossing it; we need to ensure the American people understand that his comments were incorrect.    A vote for ANYONE other than Biden will give the election to Trump.  With the new Supreme Court ruling on immunity, there is no telling what he would do in a second term.  We should all be very afraid.   I am urging you to talk to your colleagues, to the Democratic Committee, and to the news media to change their narrative.  Please!  I am terrified of what may happen if we allow Trump to be elected. Respectfully, Sally Callihan Cockeysville, MD

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