An open letter to Sen. Merkley, Rep. Salinas, Sen. Wyden.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Merkley, Rep. Salinas, Sen. Wyden

From: A constituent in Salem, OR

July 3

Biden must step down or be replaced. He's complicated in a genocide in Palestine, failed on most of his key campaign promises, failed to expand SCOTUS or protect Roe v Wade, and has been shown to belong in a retirement home not leading our nation. Our allies are terrified because he's making us look weak and has exposed us to a potential World War III with Ukraine and Palestine weakening us globally by the day. And he's done far too little to secure affordable housing, fight climate change, or make our country livable for average people. Who in their right mind would volunteer for his campaign? At this rate he's going to lose, especially among key demographics like Arabs in Michigan and young progressives. It's not too late to save things, but the Democratic Party needs to grow a pair and stop acting like the Weimar Republic. If it truly believes democracy is at stake and Trump must be defeated, it's time to put forward real hope and change and not keep ridin to hell with Biden.

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