Reallocate police funding to community services for public wellbeing
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Reallocate police funding to community services for public wellbeing

To: Rep. Cole, Sen. Eckhardt, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Gov. Abbott

From: A verified voter in Austin, TX

June 4

The proposed $150 million police training facility for the UNT Dallas campus raises serious concerns. Investing $50 million in taxpayer funds towards further expanding law enforcement infrastructure is misguided and harmful to the community. Instead of allocating more resources to policing, these public funds should be directed towards initiatives that truly promote public safety and well-being, such as robust public health services, quality education, elder care support, and affordable housing. The roots of policing are deeply intertwined with oppressive systems like slavery and segregation. Continuing to pour money into this flawed institution perpetuates its unjust foundations rather than enacting meaningful reforms. Furthermore, the Dallas Police Department has a troubling track record of misconduct and excessive force, underscoring the need for a fundamental shift in approach rather than doubling down on failed strategies. True community safety lies not in more training for officers, but in holistic investments that address the systemic factors driving poverty, mental illness, houselessness and substance abuse. The proposed $50 million would be better utilized establishing alternative emergency response programs, expanding social services, and funding community-led initiatives. A redirection of resources from police militarization towards uplifting all Dallas residents is not only morally imperative but a pragmatic solution for lasting positive change.

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