2024 election and VP choice
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2024 election and VP choice

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Oak Ridge, NJ

April 30

As the November presidential election comes nearer, the pressure and strength will be tested on the American democracy as well as the U.S. constitution. I have almost always voted blue despite me viewing myself as “more left” than the average democrat. I voted for you in 2020 and in hindsight, still support my decision. With all due respect, both you and former President Trump are old and over the age of 75 and over the average life expectancy of Americans. As a millennial, I feel it is as important of a choice who is running for president as much as the choice for vice president. I do not agree with Ms. Kamala Harris or her policies. I think it is time for you to consider a new vice president, particularly one more popular with Millennials and America’s youth. As someone interested in history and politics, I would be more supportive of someone such as Gavin Newsom being elected as a potential candidate for vice president or Elizabeth Warren. While our country has had good vice presidents become the leader such as Theodore Roosevelt, the country also has seen bad like Andrew Johnson. Please consider the idea that America is voting for the President and more importantly Vice President this election.

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