Stand up to Biden PLEASE
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Stand up to Biden PLEASE

To: Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla

From: A constituent in Los Angeles, CA

July 9

I am writing to strongly urge you (plead with you!) to tell Biden to drop out of the presidential race. In my view, it is crystal clear that we will not win if he is the candidate. His stubbornness and disregard for polls, and deaf ear to what voters want, is distressing and will cost us all dearly. We are not in the same circumstance as the last election; voters can not unsee what we saw in the debate; and even his “good” speeches and interviews show a man who is incapable of assuring US citizens of his fitness for the most important job in the world. He will only get worse, and his denial about his health and vitality are themselves a red flag to me. I am an engaged voter and even I am feeling disillusioned, discouraged, and disempowered by what I feel is his power hungry arrogance. So I can’t even imagine how many people who voted for him in the specific dire circumstances of the last election will not have the motivation to show up at the polls this fall. Trump has become more popular with some demographics. We need a strong vibrant candidate who gets people excited to go to the polls, and Biden is certainly not that. Please listen to the people and not democratic leaders who, for all their conversations with each other and Biden, don’t seem to have anything to say about voters. Please stand up to him. It’s our only chance of beating Trump.

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