Oppose HR 6090, protect free speech on campuses
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Oppose HR 6090, protect free speech on campuses

To: Rep. McClellan, Sen. Warner, Sen. Kaine, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in North Chesterfield, VA

May 3

HR 6090 poses a serious threat to freedom of speech on college campuses. By codifying a broad definition of anti-Semitism that encompasses criticism of Israeli policies, the bill risks chilling legitimate political discourse and peaceful protests related to the ongoing war in Gaza. While combating anti-Semitism is a laudable goal, conflating it with criticism of a nation-state undermines the fundamental right to free expression. This legislation is unnecessary as federal law already prohibits discrimination based on ethnic or religious grounds. Rather than protecting students, HR 6090 threatens to suppress their voices and stifle important debates on a matter of grave humanitarian concern. I urge you to oppose this bill and uphold the constitutional rights of all Americans to freely voice their views on issues of public importance without fear of being branded as bigots or having resources denied to their institutions. Freedom of speech must be safeguarded, especially on college campuses that should foster open discourse.

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