An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Chicago, IL

May 30

“We live in a world where non-existent images of imaginary beheaded Israeli children can help launch a genocidal war, but actual images of real-life beheaded Palestinian children don’t force the entire world to bring an immediate halt to that war.” -Mehdi Hasan. This is a great encapsulation of your horrible actions and inactions when it comes to Israeli and Palestinian life. Fake images create unsubstantiated outrage and real violence and atrocities. Real images of violence and you do nothing. Shameful doesn’t begin to cover it. For a man who claims empathy, you sure do seem to lack it when it comes to Palestinians. Giving Bibi and the IDF the benefit of the doubt about anything, much less the most recent (I have to say most recent as there have been so many) attacks on civilian refugees is ridiculous. It is clear that Israel is intent on killing and clearing Palestinians from Palestine to make way for Israeli and American colonizer terrorists. You seem and your administration seems intent on aiding and abetting that goal. Why do you help a terrorist state brutally commit genocide? Why do you do all you can to help Bibi who is doing all he can to help Trump get elected? You are complicit in murder. You are actively working against your own people and reelection. It is terrifying and dangerous to continue to support the Israeli terrorist state. Permanent ceasefire now. No more weapons and money for a terrorist state. The only way forward is through peace.

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