An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Portland, OR

May 29

You must follow through on your word to immediately stop sending arms to Israel. They are bombing Rafah, and they firebombed that tent camp. I cannot believe our tax dollars are being spent to kill innocents, to watch children crying hysterically that are watching their families burn to death. Not only is this genocide of the palestinians, but your lack of a forceful response that is lagging way behind the rest of the civilized world could cost this country our very own democracy. You can’t have worked so hard to be the man who saves democracy only to lose it because you won’t put down that right-wing killer, Netanyahu. Come down hard and fast, get behind the U.N. and South Africa and all who are calling out these war crimes. For the love of all that is good in this world, please do not continue on this path. You are better than this.

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