Vote for S. 1999 Right to Contraception Act
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Vote for S. 1999 Right to Contraception Act

To: Sen. Merkley, Sen. Wyden

From: A constituent in Lake Oswego, OR

June 4

Hello my name is Marina. I live in Oregon and I’m one of your constituents. I’m writing today to urge to vote for S. 1999 The Right to Contraception Act. Contraception is critical for so many people. It helps us plan when and if we’d like to have a family. It is used for individuals healthcare needs outside of family planning as well, to handle endometriosis, PCOS, and other health issues. Every individual should have access to contraception as part of their holistic healthcare, to use or not use at their discretion. Please vote for S. 1999 and do everything you can to help it pass! Thank you.

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