Support impeachment of Supreme Court justices to protect democracy
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Support impeachment of Supreme Court justices to protect democracy

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in San Diego, CA

July 2

The recent Supreme Court ruling granting former presidents absolute immunity for official acts represents a severe threat to the system of checks and balances essential for a healthy democracy. By placing presidents above the law, this decision enables authoritarian overreach and undermines accountability. It is critical that Congress takes decisive action to defend our nation's democratic principles from this disturbing erosion of judicial impartiality. I strongly urge you to support Representative Ocasio-Cortez's plan to introduce articles of impeachment against the Supreme Court justices responsible for this ruling. The justices have violated their mandate to uphold the Constitution and have instead issued a politically-motivated decision that enshrines a dangerous precedent antithetical to the foundations of American governance. Impeachment proceedings are a vital mechanism for Congress to rein in the Court's alarming overreach and restore its role as an impartial arbiter of justice, not a partisan institution. This ruling underscores the pressing need for judicial reform to reestablish the Court's legitimacy and insulate it from undue political influence. Failing to hold the justices accountable jeopardizes the entire system of checks and balances. I implore you to take a stand against this ruling's grave implications by supporting impeachment to preserve the integrity of America's democratic institutions.

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