An open letter to Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn

From: A verified voter in Killeen, TX

July 1

I understand that your party has long worked to undermine our Constitution and the rule of law, but today watching the death of our country, I wanted you to know I am in mourning. As we approach Independence Day, SCOTUS has informed us that our 248 year experiment in freedom has ended. By putting the president, any president, above the law, they have made it clear that the Republic is lost. We are now a dictatorship. I mourn the death of our country today. I wish the current president wasn’t such a decent man. He’ll follow the laws anyway. Maybe he shouldn’t. Maybe he should give y’all the autocratic hellscape for which you’ve clamored. But, of course he won’t. I’ve no doubt a future president will, however. You played your role in destroying our once great Republic. I pray God has no mercy on you.

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