We'll lose if Pres Biden is our nominee - we must make data based decisions
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We'll lose if Pres Biden is our nominee - we must make data based decisions

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Olympia, WA

July 10

I'm a lifelong Democrat and 50 years old. Most of my friends and family are also Democrats. I do not know a single person under the age of 70 who is going to vote for Biden. When we Democrats don't have an exciting candidate to get out the youth, racial minorities, and lower classes, we do not win. Biden is polling terribly against Trump. Fear of trump is not going to get people to the polls, people are demoralized. It may not be rational but it has happened over and over again, the data is there. If Biden is our candidate, we will lose. We have to find a way to nominate a new candidate. Trump's agenda is terrifying, and yet so many Democrats I know who normally are staunch supporters of the party, will not vote for him because of genocide in Palestine. The combination of not getting the people who don't usually vote along with losing the support of those who do normally vote, there's absolutely no way we're going to win with Biden in November. The rest of the Democratic party has to find a way to get him to step down. I realize it probably can't happen in public, but we are going to deeply hurt the credibility of our party for decades if we allow him to run as the figurehead of our party. What we really need is ranked choice voting, then it wouldn't matter nearly so much. Our party has shot itself in the foot by not supporting that. Going forward that needs to be on our agenda to prevent extremism both on our side and the Republican side. Please do everything you can to get by the step down as our nominee and to support ranked choice voting in the future.

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