Withdraw support for convicted felon, uphold rule of law
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Withdraw support for convicted felon, uphold rule of law

To: Sen. Cornyn, Rep. Fallon, Sen. Cruz

From: A verified voter in Rockwall, TX

June 4

The conviction of the former president on felony charges is an unprecedented situation in American history. This development raises serious concerns about the integrity and ethics of continuing to support an individual who has been found guilty of violating the law. While the rights and legal process must be respected, there is also a moral imperative to uphold principles of justice, rule of law, and accountability for all citizens, regardless of status or position. As elected representatives, you have a duty to embody these democratic ideals and set an example of ethical leadership. I urge you to carefully reevaluate your stance on this matter, taking into account the gravity of the felony conviction and its implications for the nation's values and credibility on the world stage. Continuing to endorse a convicted felon undermines faith in our legal system and sends a troubling message about America's commitment to equality under the law. I respectfully request that you demonstrate principled governance by withdrawing your support and allowing the legal process to proceed unimpeded.

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