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Support President Joe Biden

To: Sen. Luján, Sen. Heinrich, Rep. Vasquez

From: A verified voter in Las Cruces, NM

July 8

I want to let my New Mexico representation know that I am with them, and I am also 100% in favor of President Joe Biden running for re-election! He has done an outstanding job with both building our domestic policies and economy back better, and also regained respect and partnerships internationally. I am hoping that you are not planning to abandon our president at this critical juncture. The absolute horror I feel, just imagining the disgraced ex-president being back in office, should really be rallying all of us to support President Biden, but some loud people with platforms are separating our party by calling for him to give up. I don't believe they represent the majority of Democrats, but it could cause enough chaos in the minds of voters to cause a Republican win. Thank you for hearing my concerns. Now, let's keep New Mexico BLUE!!

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