Protect LGBTQ+ youth's online access and digital privacy
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Protect LGBTQ+ youth's online access and digital privacy

To: Rep. Gutierrez, Sen. Sundareshan, Rep. Mathis

From: A constituent in Tucson, AZ

June 8

Imposing harsh age verification requirements on websites and online platforms would severely restrict access to vital online communities and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals. Many queer youth rely on the internet to connect with others, explore their identities safely, and access affirming information during a vulnerable stage of life. Overly burdensome age checks could force users to effectively "out" themselves by submitting identification, exposing them to potential discrimination or abuse. Additionally, such measures raise significant privacy concerns regarding the collection and potential misuse of personal data. Rather than infringing on online freedoms, a wiser approach would be providing comprehensive sex education covering healthy relationships, consent, and digital safety. Empowering young people with knowledge allows them to navigate online spaces responsibly while preserving access to LGBTQ+ communities that can be crucial lifelines. I urge you to reject any legislation that would undermine these vital support networks and an open internet in favor of evidence-based solutions that protect both safety and civil liberties.

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