Safeguarding democracy: Strengthening elections ahead of 2024
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Safeguarding democracy: Strengthening elections ahead of 2024

To: Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla

From: A verified voter in Lincoln, CA

July 1

The 2020 presidential election was described as "the most secure in American history," yet it was followed by an alarming attempt to overturn legitimate results through fraud and incitement of violence. While progress has been made in insulating future elections from subversion, ongoing risks demand action at the state level ahead of 2024. States should strengthen laws requiring timely certification based solely on verified vote totals, channel election disputes through the judiciary with clear standards, preempt disinformation through proactive communication, bolster election administration through training and resources, and enact stronger protections against intimidation of voters and election workers, including passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and fighting racial gerrymandering. These measures are crucial to safeguarding democracy and ensuring the will of the people prevails.

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