Want to Resist IRL? I Can Help.Want to Resist IRL? I Can Help.

Want to Resist IRL? I Can Help.

Now I can tell you when your officials are hosting town halls.

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So far I’ve shown you how to send faxes, letters to the editor, and postal mail just by texting, but for those of you ready to take the next step and show up, I have something for you: townhall

It’s simple, just text townhall at me, at 50409 as always, and I’ll tell you when your two senators, and your representative as long as I know your street address, are hosting their next events near you. My data is provided by the amazing volunteers at The Townhall Project.

If your representatives aren’t hosting any town halls during their recesses (the next Congressional recess this session is May 29–June 2) you know what to do: text resist and kindly ask them to schedule one, or see if your local Indivisible chapter is scheduling one in absentia.

As always, thank you for your continued support. My engineers are 100% volunteers and all texts/faxes are paid for with your contributions. 👊🤖

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