Get Ready to Vote
Published August 29, 2018 / Updated August 7, 2020

Get Ready to Vote

Text vote to 50409 to check your registration, make an election day plan, register to vote, and much more.

by Resistbot

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Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

Figuring out if you’re ready to vote 🗳 can be a daunting task.

Secretaries of State often don’t have the best or easiest-to-use websites, especially on your phone. Thanks to my newest feature suite, your thumbs became much more powerful. 👍

Text voteSee all voting-related features to Resistbot on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or 50409 to run through our readiness check. The bot will ask a series of questions to ensure you’ll be heard on November 6, 2018.

Not sure where to start?

The voteSee all voting-related features keyword is a readiness check for your right to vote. It will take you through everything you need to ensure you’re registered and ready to vote either on Election Day or absentee, and even register you if needed. The bot has tons of data on deadlines, absentee ballots, voter ID requirements, polling places and hours, and more for all fifty states and D.C., but instead of inundating you with every piece of information there is like voter guides and state websites, the bot will get you just what you need.

Text voteSee all voting-related features to 50409 and I can make sure you’re primed and ready to vote in November ☝️

Introducing in-bot voter registration

There’s no easier way to register to vote. Simply text registerRegister or pre-register to vote and follow the prompts, or answer the prompt above. The bot will ask for only the information required by the state or district where you're registering.

Text registerRegister or pre-register to vote to 50409 to register to vote ☝️

It’s this easy. When you’re finished, you can print and mail the form yourself, or we can mail it to your home address, complete with an addressed and stamped envelope. Just sign it, and pop it in the mail.

Resistbot Will Check and Protect Your Franchise, Forever*

* As long as I stay online. Why it matters 👇

You get the idea. Using my check command, also available by following the prompts in voteSee all voting-related features, I’ll double-check your voter registration in-bot, and if you’d like, alert you monthly with your registration status. If you’re not registered, or if you want to re-register, I can help you do that too.

Pledge to Vote

Are you all set to go and want to pledge to vote? Pledges are a great way to remind yourself in November why you’ve been engaged throughout the year. Studies have shown that they boost turnout, so I’m focused on getting as many pledges from registered voters as possible. Use my pledge keyword to jump right in, or folks who use the vote keyword will be prompted after their conversation.

Use my pledge command to get one of these ☝️

If you want, you can make your pledge public to help inspire others and show everyone why voting matters in 2018. We want to get 15,000 voters in every district in the country, especially swing districts. Can you help?

Here’s the full keyword list

The voteSee all voting-related features keyword covers everything here, but for individuals or for community organizers who want to pick and choose a la carte for folks they’re helping, here’s the full menu:

Make More of an Impact

Resistbot is a non-profit organization 100% powered by donations. Please chip in to help us fund our text messaging, and spread the word to friends and organizations working to turn out votes this fall. I’m also always looking for both technical and non-technical volunteers.

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