Last Stand of the Republic: A Direct Appeal to Governor SnyderLast Stand of the Republic: A Direct Appeal to Governor Snyder
Published December 10, 2018 / Updated August 7, 2020

Last Stand of the Republic: A Direct Appeal to Governor Snyder

Last Stand of the Republic

by Jenn Vande Zande


A Direct Appeal to Governor Snyder

Protestors gathered at Michigan’s Capitol December 4, 2018 to contest MI GOP lame duck legislation.

Since taking office eight years ago, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder has time and again been at odds with the Michigan GOP, vetoing disastrous legislation, even while his party vowed to make him pay for it.

He refused to endorse Trump, or his sycophant, Bill Schuette, who ran for Governor against Gretchen Whitmer in an incredibly polarized election.

Michigan soundly delivered a Democratic executive branch with record-breaking numbers during the midterms. Since then, the MI GOP has been frantically working to undo the basic tenets of democracy in a lame duck session, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

From making life easier for puppy mill owners to stripping power from the incoming Attorney General and Secretary of State, the MI GOP has signaled that power — not democracy — is what matters most to them.

One of the best descriptions of what’s happening was written by Brian Dickerson as he compared the MI GOP to “vandals laying waste to Michigan’s executive branch.”

The fate of democracy should not rest upon hope, and yet…

“Hope is not a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. It is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency.” — Rebecca Solnit

Wielding the spirit of hope, protestors converged in Lansing as news of the lame duck legislation spread, chanting for hours. Their voices, like their votes, thus far have gone unheralded.

And so, for the citizens of Michigan, their right to fair and free elections — and their right to be governed by those whom they elected — rests solely upon the shoulders of Governor Snyder.

Citizens of Michigan are left clinging to hope rather than trusting in the power of the Republic to stand. This should worry not just Michiganders, but all Americans, as the GOP blatantly attempts to destroy democratic norms from sea to shining sea.

Democracy should not rely on the decency and morality of one individual, but rather the collective morals and social contracts of our society, and yet, Governor Snyder alone has the power to either uphold or ignore the will of the people.

It is in moments of turmoil when leadership is tested most. All of the world is watching America, wondering if indeed the beacon of democracy is fading away. We need those who have sworn to uphold our constitution and our laws to act now and safeguard the principles upon which they were elected.

What you can do: Contact Governor Snyder today

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”_ — Abraham Lincoln_

Contact Governor Snyder and ask him to protect the votes of his citizens, as well as democracy itself.

If you’re in Michigan, you can use Resistbot to reach Governor Snyder by sending the word GOVERNOR or the word STATE to reach your state legislature and weigh in on the issue.

If you’re local, or feel up for a road trip, you can join a protest in Lansing on Wednesday, December 12, which is hosted by seven different groups, including Flint Rising, America Votes, Progress Michigan, and Planned Parenthood.

You can also call Snyder’s office at (517) 373–3400 and leave a message.

Finally, you can write to your elected officials about this or any other topic by sending the word Resist to Resistbot on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or as a Twitter direct message. If none of those work for you, Resistbot also supports old fashioned SMS: text RESIST to 50409 to get started.

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