Introducing Vote Drives

Introducing Vote Drives

Text DRIVE to 50409 to create your own vote registration, pledge and protection drive.

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Example vote pledge for Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish x Resistbot

Much like you can create your own letter campaigns with the petitions feature, now with Resistbot you can create your own vote registration, pledge and protection drives, right from your phone. We call them vote drives for short, but they allow you to raise real votes for issues that matter to you, or candidates you want to see win in the fall. Billie Eilish chose this technology earlier this month as its the easiest way for her fans to both make a promise to her to vote, and to learn how to make sure they're registered and cast a ballot.

Issue vote drives like Billie's are just like the vote pledges over 100,000 of you have made this cycle, but now they come with their own textable code you can share with others. At Resistbot we've always seen a much, much higher rate of action taken around issues than around elections, so it's important to us to connect the issues people write and protest about, to casting a ballot. Being heard isn't just about writing your officials, it's about holding them accountable. Only then will we get elected officials that are more responsive to what you're writing about. You can help by creating a vote drive for the issue you care about. Why are you voting this year?

For an Issue

Vote pledge that reads: I'm voting because the future of our climate is on the ballot

Example issue vote pledge

To create an issue drive:

  1. Text driveCreate your own voter registration and pledge drive to Resistbot
  2. Choose the election you want to turnout votes for
  3. Reply issue when prompted
  4. Fill in the blank "I'm voting because __________"

That's it! Follow the rest of the prompts from the bot and you'll have created your first vote drive. When you share it with your friends, they will be prompted to check their registration with Resistbot. It's easy, and when they do, they'll have confidence that they'll be able to vote when its time, and Resistbot will protect their registration from here on out, alerting them if they are ever purged from their state's voter rolls. In many states, we'll also be able to alert them if their ballot is rejected after it's cast, giving them a chance to "cure" it so their vote counts. These vote pledges look simple, but underneath is a powerful voter protection technology only offered by Resistbot to our users, we're like Lifelock for your vote.

For a Candidate

Vote pledge that reads "I"m voting for Charlie Crist for U.S. House. Join me!"

Example candidate pledge

To raise votes for a candidate:

  1. Text driveCreate your own voter registration and pledge drive to Resistbot
  2. Reply candidate when prompted
  3. Reply to the prompts for what office they're running for
  4. You can add a reason for your support if you want, e.g. "I'm voting for FDR because I support the New Deal!" or keep it a simple statement of support, e.g. "I'm voting for FDR. Join me!"

Today we support the Presidential race, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House. State races and Mayors races are coming soon. You can create drives for any candidate you want anywhere. If you live in Florida and want to make a vote drive for a Senate candidate in Arizona, you can; just share it with your friends in that state so you can genuinely raise Arizona votes that will count in the election.

Thanks for using Resistbot, we look forward to seeing your activism.

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