Introducing Live Ballot TrackingIntroducing Live Ballot Tracking
Published October 21, 2020 / Updated April 2, 2021

Introducing Live Ballot Tracking

Resistbot now protects both your registration, and your ballot. Text TRACK to 50409 to see where your ballot is, and whether or not its been counted.

by Jason Putorti

Image of iPhone using Resistbot tracking feature

Track your ballot with Resistbot

At Resistbot our goal is to make civic action easy and accessible to all. We launched in 2017 with a simple promise to deliver your texts to your elected officials. Soon after we started working to make being heard at the ballot box just as easy. After all, if officials don't think you're going to hold them accountable on Election Day, they're less likely to be concerned with what you have to say the rest of the year.

Today we're happy to take the cover off our newest piece of technology designed to make tracking your ballot, and ensuring your vote is counted, just as easy as sending that letter to Congress. Simply text trackTrack your early or absentee ballot to 50409 on SMS, or to Resistbot on iMessage, Messenger, Twitter, or Telegram.

If you're one of the over 350,000 users that have paired their voter registrations to Resistbot, and in one of the 41 states we support, you can receive in-bot ballot status right over text. No clunky web sites or phone calls needed. But, if you should ever need to find your the local election office in your county or town, my localFind your local election office keyword will find that for you too.

And even more importantly, along with Resistbot watching the voter records of users that have verified their registrations, and alerting to any changes month-over-month, like voter roll purges (they happen more than you think)...

Now Resistbot will alert you if your early voting or mail-in / absentee ballot is rejected, along with curing instructions for your state if available. The bot will be checking daily in most states for changes in your ballot status from now through Election Day.

Rounding out our voter protection features is our new "virtual affidavit" feature available by texting protectCreate a record of your attempt to vote in case you're disenfranchised at the polls to the bot. If you're worried about being disenfranchised, whether voting early in person, by mail, or on Election Day, this feature collects everything lawyers will need to fight for your vote to count, and puts voter protection at your fingertips for instant help.

Image of voter checklist in Resistbot

Text VOTE to 50409 to get your voting checklist

All of these features are available in the Resistbot 2020 voter checklist, keyword voteSee all voting-related features, designed to be a voter journey from getting registered, to casting your ballot, to helping others vote. Hell we'll even get you a ride to the DMV if you're missing the ID you need to vote. Here's what's on it if you haven't voted yet:

And if you've voted / completed the prior checklist:

There's only a few days left to vote. Make sure yours counts, and please talk to your friends and family. The Resistbot team has spent years now trying to put what's unfortunately still not an easy thing in the United States, voting, right at your fingertips. If you have friends or family that haven't already voted, and need a little help, share Resistbot with them. Thank you, and go vote!

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