Resistbot Petition: Support the BREATHE ActResistbot Petition: Support the BREATHE Act

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Support the BREATHE Act

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According to AP, “the bill is broken into four sections, the first of which specifically would divest federal resources from incarceration and policing. It is largely aimed at federal reforms because Congress can more easily regulate federal institutions and policy, as opposed to state institutions or private prisons. The other sections lay out a detailed plan to achieve an equitable future, calling for sweeping changes that would eliminate federal programs and agencies ‘used to finance and expand’ the U.S. criminal-legal system. The elimination would target agencies such as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which has come under fire in recent years for its aggressive deportation efforts, and lesser-known programs such as Department of Defense 1033, which allows local law enforcement agencies to obtain excess military equipment. The act, which also seeks to reduce the Department of Defense budget, would institute changes to the policing, pretrial detention, sentencing and prosecution practices that Cullors said have long disproportionately criminalized Black and brown communities, LGBTQIA people, Indigenous people, and individuals with disabilities.  It would establish the Neighborhood Demilitarization Program, which would collect and destroy all equipment like military-grade armored vehicles and weapons in the hands of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies by 2022. Federal law enforcement also would be unable to use facial-recognition technology, which many communities across the nation already have banned, along with drones and forms of electronic surveillance such as ankle-monitoring. The bill would end life sentences, abolish all mandatory minimum sentencing laws and create a ‘time bound plan’ to close all federal prisons and immigration detention centers.” Supporting this bill is the right thing to do for all Americans and will be a vital step toward the goal of helping all Americans prosper.

▶ Created on July 8, 2020 by BREATHE Act

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