Resistbot Petition: Let's stand with Maldives, not punish them.

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Let's stand with Maldives, not punish them.

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Do not withdraw aid or sanction, the Maldives, or anyone, for standing against Israel!!  They are doing the right thing! Even if it was wrong, it's not our place to interfere. We should be standing against Israel, against murdering children.  Representative Gottheimer is wasting valuable time and money kowtowing to Israel. His claim the ban is against Jews, is false and manipulative. We have completely lost our way.  America is for ALL AMERICANS not just Jewish Americans. AIPAC, and Israel should not be tampering with our politicians, our legislation, or political process.  If they weren't tampering, he wouldn't be pushing this Maybe he wouldn't even be in Congress.   Gottheimer is delusional thinking we can force a foreign country to let other foreigners in, unless it was critical for their survival. Doing it just to protect someone's holiday options is ridiculous and  spoiled!  NO repercussions, or tampering with the Maldives!!    What we SHOULD be doing, is withdrawing aid from the country commiting genocide - Israel!  We should be banning Israeli citizens from entering our country, and using our military to protect the innocent people Israel is slaughtering (with our munitions)!! We should be supporting the ICC, UN, and UNRWA, not being Israel's puppet.  Our money and officials should be addressing the needs of citizens here! Our expensive, immoral, and unwise support of Israel, makes us a disgrace. America the Disgraceful! Our complicity with this evil is causing rampant antisemitism.  At this point, I can hardly blame anyone. Israel's blatant murder, lies, cruelty, entitlement, corruption of our officials, and our country, is a hate worthy offense. The distinction between Israel, and Jewish people, was fuzzy before; now they've legislated to blur it even further. They are causing havoc, and engineering their own demise.  Please help turn this around, make our country be what it should be, NOT a puppet for Israel.  Please vote against any repercussions for the Maldives. Let's join them, against Israel, instead!  THAT would make me proud!  Defund Israel, denounce Israel!

▶ Created on June 7 by Martha

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