Resistbot Petition: President Biden, fix Medicare's inflated premiums!Resistbot Petition: President Biden, fix Medicare's inflated premiums!

An open letter to the President

President Biden, fix Medicare's inflated premiums!

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Sir, your administration fought back against Big Pharma price gouging and wisely restricted the use of the controversial and ineffective Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm to clinical trials. Thank you for your leadership in making that happen. Medicare’s own report calculated that this year’s premiums would have only increased 8% instead of the actual increase of 14.5% if seniors were not being ripped off by Big Pharma greed. Now the media reports that the 57 million seniors who were overcharged by Medicare to cover the original expected costs of the drug won’t get that money back this year, maybe even never. That is absolutely unacceptable. HHS must issue Medicare rebate checks immediately. Even rebates as small as $100 received before November would have a real impact in the lives of millions of seniors. It would also be direct tangible proof to every Medicare recipient that the Biden administration is fighting for them. Do not let bureaucratic red tape keep seniors from getting back the money they deserve. Thanks.

▶ Created on June 13, 2022 by Jess Craven

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