Resistbot Petition: POTUS: Stop the Seaport Oil Terminal (SPOT) and Texas Gulflink!
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POTUS: Stop the Seaport Oil Terminal (SPOT) and Texas Gulflink!

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The Seaport Oil Terminal (SPOT) and Texas Gulflink are two massive crude oil export projects proposed for the Gulf of Mexico Coast. With just 7 miles between them, SPOT and Gulflink would consist of a crude oil storage facility, onshore and offshore pipelines, and an oil export terminal where crude oil would be loaded onto Massive supertankers called VLCCs for export. SPOT and its VLCCs would load 2 million barrels/day of oil—more crude oil than is currently produced on all the Gulf Coast offshore drilling platforms annually. Since the crude oil export ban was lifted in 2015, there's been a rush to develop and export more and more crude from Texas and the nearby Permian Basin—driving up prices at the pump, and global warming pollution at the same time. Unless you stop it, President Biden, SPOT will increase fossil fuel production and global warming pollution from a region that's already the largest carbon bomb on the planet. Please, we have no time to waste. Stop this and every other “carbon bomb” project before we lose everything. Nothing moves forward on a dying planet. Only you can save us. Stop SPOT now! Thanks.

▶ First sent on August 24, 2022 by Jess Craven

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