Resistbot Petition: Please help protect our privacy: Support opt-out options for AI data use

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Please help protect our privacy: Support opt-out options for AI data use

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I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express a significant concern regarding user data privacy on social media platforms, specifically Meta, and to urge you to advocate for legislative action on this matter. As it stands, Meta and other major social media companies do not provide users in the United States with an option to opt out of having their data used for AI training purposes. This contrasts sharply with the situation in Europe, where such an opt-out option is available. The absence of this option in the United States raises substantial privacy concerns and leaves users without adequate control over their personal information. I believe it is imperative that we address this gap in our data privacy regulations. Users should have the right to decide whether their data can be utilized for training AI algorithms, and this right should be codified into law. Providing an opt-out mechanism is a crucial step toward ensuring transparency and respecting user consent. I kindly request that you consider introducing or supporting legislation that mandates social media companies to offer an opt-out option for data usage in AI training. This legislative action would not only align our practices with those in Europe but also reinforce the protection of user privacy rights in the digital age. Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. I am confident that your leadership can drive meaningful change in this area.

▶ Created on June 6 by Drew

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