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Reduce Maternal Mortality

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I am your constituent and I just learned and want you to know about the sorry state of maternal mortality in the US. Our peer industrialized countries do not have near the problem we do. In fact, some of them have nearly NO MATERNAL DEATHS. There is a link to a study by the Commonwealth Fund released this week at the bottom of this email. There are multiple problems - not enough healthcare insurance for 8 million women who can have children, not enough visits with healthcare professionals - often because of lack of insurance, insurance not covering all the visits or the need to work. There is also a problem with doctors fearing to be obgyns in 21 states where abortion is nearly illegal. Here is what you can do Enact HR 3421 - Universal Single Payer healthcare so women can go to the doctor; Enact the Women’s Health Protection Act so doctors are not afraid to treat women nationwide Enact a Federal Paid Time Off policy to support new families so women can take the time and go to the doctor. Thank you. Here is the link to the Commonwealth Fund Study -,deaths%20per%20100%2C000%20live%20births. me.

▶ Created on June 5 by Healthcare Advocacy

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