Resistbot Petition: Urgent Petition to Resume Humanitarian Assistance in Tigray

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Urgent Petition to Resume Humanitarian Assistance in Tigray

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I am writing to express my deep concern and urgency regarding the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Tigray, Ethiopia. Recent reports indicate that a severe cut in food aid risks potential famine & devastating consequences for the people of Tigray. Based on information from reliable sources, including the Tigray Interim Regional Administration (TIRA) & Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS-Net) projections, it is suggested that USAID's resumption of food aid is anticipated to cover only 20% of the previous caseload. The lack of official confirmation from USAID or the World Food Programme (WFP) raises serious questions about the rationale behind such a drastic & deadly service cut. The consequences of this reduction in food aid are dire. FEWS-Net forecasts Tigray may face famine by May 2024. Reports from Joint Emergency Operation (JEOP) & the UNICEF-led Nutrition Cluster, underscore the alarming increase in child malnutrition rates & the severe decline in access to emergency nutritional assistance. The impact on children & pregnant or lactating women is particularly distressing, with a significant decrease in nutrition support & access to treatment for severe acute malnutrition. Emergency nutritional assistance is the last line of defense against starvation-related deaths in children. Moreover, the lack of transparency & official statements regarding the aid cut adds to the urgency of this matter. The current situation has already led to the tragic deaths of thousands of children & vulnerable individuals in Tigray, & it is imperative that immediate action be taken to prevent further loss of life. In addition, the TIRA has declared a state of famine, acknowledging that the current situation has surpassed its capacity. The people of Tigray are in dire need of immediate & comprehensive humanitarian assistance to survive. Consequently, there are 4,508,353 people who require emergency assistance. With people in Tigray currently facing the grim realities of death & migration due to the lack of food & other necessities, urgent action is essential to save lives. With heartfelt concern, I urgently request that USAID & WFP: 1. Immediately resume & increase humanitarian assistance in Tigray to address the severe food shortage & prevent the region from descending into famine. 2. Provide transparent & detailed information regarding the rationale behind the significant reduction in food aid & clarify the extent of coverage for the affected population. 3. Collaborate with international partners to ensure unrestricted access for humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to all parts of Tigray, particularly the Eastern zone, which is facing the brunt of the drought. The international community is closely watching the situation in Tigray, & the United States, through USAID & the WFP, can play a crucial role in averting a humanitarian catastrophe. I implore you to act swiftly & decisively to save lives & alleviate the suffering of the people in Tigray.

▶ Created on January 4 by @TigrayWeeklyCTA

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