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Protect Mask Use, Protect Public Health

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Politicians across the United States are pushing for mask bans. We have a right to protect our health. Criminalizing mask usage is detrimental to all of us and disproportionately affects those more vulnerable to illness. Wearing masks enables people to protect our health. Well-fitted, quality masks protect people from airborne respiratory illnesses and air pollutants. There are currently more than 5,098 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the United States per week, with .5% of all emergency department visits being COVID-19 patients. The most recent data on the test positivity rate is from the week ending June 1, which was 4.5%. When test positivity is above 5%, transmission is considered uncontrolled. The American Lung Association has released their 2024 State of the Air report (, and while progress has been made in cleaning up air pollution nationwide, data suggests nearly four out of 10 Americans still live in places with unhealthy air. Given that COVID-19 infections and air pollutants are ongoing, mask usage is an evidence based way to collectively protect our health. Preventing infections to COVID-19 also mitigates the risk for more individuals developing long COVID symptoms, which significantly impact quality of life. Mask bans in response to peaceful protests are inappropriately targeting constituents who are exercising their right to free speech and assembly. Considering that outdoor crowds increase the risk of spreading illness and exposure to pollutants, masking is an important public health measure. Protestors should not be punished for exercising public health precautions. I urge you to protect mask use, including mask use during public demonstrations.

▶ Created on June 27 by Alice

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