Resistbot Petition: Congress must codify agency authority after overturning Chevron deference

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Congress must codify agency authority after overturning Chevron deference

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Congress needs to step in and codify the authority of federal agencies to enforce rules and regulations through proper legislation. The Supreme Court's recent decision overturning the decades-old Chevron doctrine strips agencies of the deference previously granted in interpreting ambiguous statutes. This ruling undermines the ability of expert regulators to effectively implement laws aimed at protecting the environment, public health, workplace safety, and consumer interests. Federal agencies require clear statutory authority to carry out their critical functions of promulgating and enforcing necessary regulations in highly complex and technical areas. Without Chevron deference, regulated industries can more easily challenge agency rules in court, threatening to hamstring the government's regulatory powers. Agencies could face a torrent of lawsuits contesting their interpretations, bogging down the entire system. To prevent a regulatory void that would jeopardize vital safeguards, Congress must act decisively. Lawmakers should review existing laws under each agency's jurisdiction and provide explicit language affirming their rule-making and enforcement authority. By codifying agencies' roles through meticulously drafted legislation, Congress can restore regulatory consistency and stability following this disruptive Supreme Court ruling. The health, safety, and wellbeing of the public depends on an empowered regulatory system with proper oversight from the federal government.

▶ Created on June 28 by A Texan for Emission Reduction

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