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Hi, I'm writing as a constituent about the relief package you are negotiating now. While I'm aware that a great deal of compromise is happpening, I want you to take a firm stand on four key policy issues: Extending the CDC's health-emergency eviction moratorium, scheduled to terminate at the end of this month, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s foreclosure moratorium, which dies at the end of January. We need to tell our MoCs that any relief bill must extend federal eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. (California also has a moratorium, which expires at the end of January.) Granting desperately needed aid to state and local governments to fill in funding gaps. Extending unemployment benefits beyond the meager amounts Republicans propose. Ensuring that no immunity to liability is included in the bill. As a negotiating tool, McConnell has offered to eliminate liability immunity, but we need our MoCs to hold Republicans to this when this legislation is finalized. These things are all too important to sacrifice, so please make sure they are dealbreakers. Thanks.

▶ First sent on December 9, 2020 by Jessica

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