Resistbot Petition: Do you support the murder of 6 year old Hind? CEASEFIRE NOW!Resistbot Petition: Do you support the murder of 6 year old Hind? CEASEFIRE NOW!

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Do you support the murder of 6 year old Hind? CEASEFIRE NOW!

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A little under two weeks ago, a little 6 year old girl sat in a car with her family. Snipers shot through her car window and killed several of her family members. Her big sister called emergency services for help, and the recording of this call can be easily found online. As this teenager was was explaining the situation you can hear a scream, the sound of gunfire, and then silence as the snipers shot this girl. The 6 year old called her mother and the emergency services several times, crying and begging for help, begging for someone to come save her. Two emergency workers rushed to go to her rescue, even getting permission from the shooters to enter the area to come retrieve the young girl. No one heard from these workers or the 6 year old again. Yesterday the bodies of Hind Rajab and her family, and the two aid workers-- Yousef Zeino and Ahmed al-Madhoun-- were found, dead and decaying. The Israeli "Defense" Force bombed the emergency workers in the vehicle- the vehicle they had explicitly told the Red Crescent they would allow through to save Hind. We don't know how Hind died. Did she starve to death, surrounded by the dead bodies of her family members? She told the emergency workers her leg hurt...did she bleed out from this wound? Or did the Israeli snipers shoot her as well, after forcing her to suffer in fear and agony for hours? Which of these situations would sound better to you? Which situation would allow you to justify the billions of dollars you continue to send to people who killed Hind and her family? Did the bombs that killed the Yousef and Ahmed read "made in America"? Were the bullets that the Israeli snipers used to kill Hind and her family paid for with OUR American tax dollars? Enough is enough- nearly 30,000 Palestinians are dead, over 50% of the casualties are women and children. Why are you continuing to support the cruel and inhumane actions of the Israeli state? Why are you spending American tax money on torture, murder, and forced starvation? The American people do not support this, we do not condone genocide, and we do not consent to our government sending money to fund the illegal colonial state of "Israel". We demand that you revoke financial support for Israel, and that you publicly pledge your support for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the illegal occupation of historical Palestine.

▶ Created on February 11 by Nicole

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