Resistbot Petition: Protect Texas Youth: Denounce Abbott's DirectiveResistbot Petition: Protect Texas Youth: Denounce Abbott's Directive

An open letter to State Governors

Protect Texas Youth: Denounce Abbott's Directive

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Governor Greg Abbott's directions to Texans yesterday regarding transgender children is appalling. Claiming that supporting a child's identity is akin to child abuse? Claiming hormone and puberty blockers, easily reversible medical treatments that make trans children more comfortable in their bodies, are abusive? Criminalizing the acceptance of one's child for who they are all because the gender identity they associate with is not the same as a doctor determined for them based on visible genetalia? Cisgender children are accepted for who they are; are their parents abusive? Cisgender children are prescribed hormone blockers if they begin puberty as a disquieting age: are their parents abusive? Many cisgender kids have been subject to anti-trans legislation due to nothing more than being outside a box of society's design on what a "boy" or a "girl" should behave or look like. Anti-trans legislation first and foremost attacks transgender people. But the unintended consequence is any little girl with short hair, and any little boy with long hair, is treated as a threat. Governor Greg Abbott is attempting to shove his hand down the pants of every Texan child to determine if they live up to HIS standards of what it means to be a child. As an elected official, you must denounce Governor Abbott's gross misuse of his authority and the law to determine what a healthy family is. It is not abuse to support your child. It is not abuse to accept them for who they are. You must stand for Trans Youth and protect all our children from being bullied, harassed, and discriminated against by legislation that villifies love and acceptance.

▶ Created on February 24, 2022 by Megan

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