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water rights are human rights

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Tar sands are not flowing through Line 3 yet. As long as the pipeline exists, it breaks treaties with Anishinaabe nations & violates their constitutional rights. Line 3 can poison 40% of our water supply, our critical aquifers, & flood the river with benzene & toluene, which are highlighted in the SDWA. They can cause anemia, decrease blood platelets, increase risks of cancer, & damage the nervous system, kidneys, & liver. Line 3 already had 28 frac-outs spilling 18,000 gallons of drilling fluid. The police, paid off by Enbridge, brutalized water protectors in only regalia by using pain compliance, tear gas, & rubber bullets. The epidemic of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, & Two-Spirit People is heightened by Enbridge's workers who were caught in trafficking stings at two separate locations. Biden promises a greener future; how can he do that with a pipeline that will produce the amount of CO₂ of 50 coal plants? The IPCC made it clear. “We are in a code red for humanity.” Demands: 1. Permanently end the expansion of the Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota on treaty land 2. Permanently end the construction & drilling along the Mississippi River 3. Abide by the SDWA (‘96) as the pipeline threatens our declining drinking supply 4. Amend Savanna’s Act to recognize pipelines as a direct cause in increasing MMIW cases 5. Reinvest funds into clean and renewable energy 6. Pardon and expunge the records of wrongfully incarcerated water & land protectors 7. Divest entirely from Enbridge & apply these same demands to the Line 4 & 5 pipeline 8. Revise Bill H.R. 1374 to exclude Section B, Part 6 stating the permission and encouragement of lethal force against Indigenous Peoples (& allies referred to overall here as Water Protectors)

▶ First sent on September 10, 2021 by stop line 3

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