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The 1.5 million civilians trapped in Rafah face imminent annihilation. Israel has seized and closed the Rafah border and the Karem Abu Salem crossing. There is nowhere for people to go for safety and the fragile lifeline of humanitarian aid that was slowly trickling in through the crossings has been cut off. Israel's genocidal intentions are clear. The Karem Abu Salem crossing, specifically, was opened in December with our government's acknowledgement it was necessary for the flow of humanitarian aid. The ICJ's provisional measures are clear, and Israel has repeatedly, fragrantly violated them which you have given them diplomatic, military, and financial support to do so. Meanwhile, Biden has the audacity to claim Palestinians have an "ancient desire" to eliminate Jews. Do you really think we're that stupid? I am disgusted by this administration's weaponization of antisemitism as a tool to encourage Islamophobia, anti-Arab sentiment, and dismiss all legitimate criticisms. It's statements like this that embolden terrorists like Reuven Kahane who intentionally drove his car into peaceful protestors outside of the home of one of Columbia University's Board of Trustees. He hit 55 year old Maryellen Novak, who is currently receiving care at the hospital. And, of course, the police have HER in chains in her hospital bed. A student who was also hit was similarly handcuffed while receiving medical treatment after the terror attack. Their charges- "Criminal mischief and unlawful assembly". As for the terrorist Kahane, he has only been charged with second degree assault. Your support of terrorists abroad has brought their terrorism here. I demand that you:  – Hold Israel accountable for a permanent, immediate ceasefire, their violations of the Genocide Convention, and gross human rights violations by any means necessary – Call for the immediate end of Israel’s occupation and apartheid and support Palestinians in their fight for freedom and peace – Secure the immediate release and safety of all Palestinians who have been abducted and held captive by Israel, including those whose indefinite detention began prior to 10/7 – Permanently end all monetary, diplomatic, and military aid given to Israel and enforce Leahy Law – Reallocate all funds given to Israel and commit additional resources for ongoing humanitarian relief for Palestinians starting with immediately resuming funding of UNRWA – Immediately withdraw all U.S. troops, military assets, and all other assets deployed throughout the Middle East and cease all actions that further escalate a larger regional conflict – Pass legislation that voids all anti-BDS laws at the federal level – Vote no on H.R. 7521 and any similar legislation proposed

▶ Created on May 8 by Sarah

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