Resistbot Petition: Ukraine Must Win - End Russia’s Genocidal WarResistbot Petition: Ukraine Must Win - End Russia’s Genocidal War

An open letter to the President

Ukraine Must Win - End Russia’s Genocidal War

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The New Lines Institute and Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights have recently released a report providing irrefutable evidence of an escalating genocide in Ukraine, carried out by the Russian Federation. This includes both direct and public incitement to genocide, as well as the act of genocide itself, with all five acts prohibited by the Genocide Convention being committed. As signatories to the UN convention on genocide, the United States and the United Kingdom are legally and morally obligated to intervene. It is vital that we use our international influence to stop these atrocities and advocate for the millions of Ukrainians affected. Therefore, we request immediate and decisive action to address this crisis, including the implementation of sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and support for international investigations into these crimes. The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated. The current circumstances in Ukraine call for a more assertive stance from Western nations. The hesitance to provide substantial military aid is impeding Ukraine's counter-offensive efforts. The public discourse needs to shift from notions of stalemate to a commitment to Ukrainian victory, while respecting Ukraine's autonomy in leading the fight. It is essential to increase military aid to Ukraine, enabling them to effectively counteract aggression. This strategy, along with a strategic build-up of NATO forces, continued economic pressure on Russia, and legal action against frozen Russian assets, can provide a comprehensive response to the crisis. The reasoning behind this is to ensure a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to global security issues.

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