Resistbot Petition: Pass The EpiPen Act!Resistbot Petition: Pass The EpiPen Act!

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Pass The EpiPen Act!

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Thank you for taking initial steps to lower prescription drug costs; however, millions of families still need assistance, especially with regard to EpiPens. The EpiPen Act introduced by Congressman Frost arises amidst a surge in the prices of auto-injectors, including generics, which have become excessively pricey. EpiPen's manufacturer has escalated the prices of these vital medicines from less than $100 to over $600, placing a financial strain on working-class families who cannot afford to be without an auto-injector at all times. As costs have exploded, several states have acted to cap prices, but federal legislation is still needed to lower costs nationwide. The EpiPen Act can save families over 90% on the cost of the device and we need your action to ensure the affordability of this life-saving medicine for our families! Please become a co-sponsor now, thanks!

▶ Created on January 23 by Jess Craven

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