Resistbot Petition: THE GAZA PROJECT Shows Israeli War Crimes. End CO’s Partnership With Israel!

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures

THE GAZA PROJECT Shows Israeli War Crimes. End CO’s Partnership With Israel!

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Because of the numerous claims by U.S. officials of a lack of documentation or evidence that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza, I’m writing to you as a constituent to ensure your awareness of the Gaza Project. Coordinated by Forbidden Stories, an international network of journalists whose mission is to continue the investigations of other reporters who have been silenced, the Gaza Project investigates the killing of nearly 100 journalists in Gaza since October 7. This collaboration involved 50 journalists from 13 global organizations. Through remote testimonies, satellite imagery, and expert consultations, they uncovered that journalists in Gaza were frequently targeted despite being identifiable as press. The project highlights the severe threats to press freedom in conflict zones, with evidence suggesting intentional targeting of journalists. “Whereas this press vest was supposed to identify and protect us, according to international laws, international conventions and the Geneva Conventions, it is now a threat to us,” Basel Khair Al-Din, a Palestinian journalist in Gaza, who believes he was targeted by a drone strike while wearing a press vest, said.“It’s this vest that almost got us killed, as has happened to so many of our fellow journalists and media workers.”  It is imperative that you use this information to inform your future decisions regarding military aid to Israel. Immediate action must be taken to stop the ethic cleansing and mass murder of Palestinians that is being carried out in Gaza as we speak. Please visit Forbidden Stories (

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