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JDSF, Greenwashing, 30X30

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Last year, a report commissioned by the CNRA containing four expert advisory panels on climate, equity, biodiversity, and conservation as they relate to the State’s 30x30 goals was published. Jackson Demonstration State Forest meets criteria identified by all four Advisory Panels, making it an obvious choice for the 30x30 initiative. Thus, for the CNRA’s rhetoric about resource protection and conservation to be taken seriously, the State needs to step up and heed their expert Panels’ recommendations and protect Jackson from further timber harvest. As I write this, the harvesting of mature Redwood trees, including some well over a hundred years old, has been given the green light by the state to continue on public land. Allowing this logging in a forest that represents one of the greatest carbon sequestration opportunities available and on lands of cultural importance to the native tribes of the area, including the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, diminishes the State’s Panels’ efforts to advance solutions that will benefit the greater good. The Panels’ recommendations are clear- as are the outcomes of continued logging of public lands. The States increasing rhetoric of resource protection is little more than greenwashing when it glosses over such massive failures to protect our public lands. In recent days and weeks, we have seen unprecedented heat waves across California- undoubtedly symptoms of human-induced global climate change. Please call on Wade Crowfoot, the CNRA, and CalFire to Immediately STOP destroying our vital natural resources and stop contributing to global climate change that harms all Californians, especially the underserved, and minority populations.

▶ First sent on September 6, 2022 by JDSF

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