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First it was 12 UNRWA employees accused of involvement in the 10/7 attacks which led to you withdrawing aid. Now, it's 6 employees - why do I have a feeling that soon we'll hear another quiet correction it was 1 or none of UNRWA employees involved in the attack? Tell me why none of these accusations have been substantiated? We've seen this time and time again. The problem is the lie spreads faster than the truth and the corrections get little to no coverage. The UNRWA immediately fired all accused employees that were not already dead and denounced the 10/7 attack. There are 13,000 UNRWA employees operating in Gaza - only 0.04% of which have been accused. How are 6 enough for you to withdraw funding from UNRWA but Israel's war crimes aren't enough to withdraw funding? It has been made repeatedly clear that that UNRWA's continued operation is imperative for the distribution of desperately needed humanitarian aid. The WHO has warned that this will have "catastrophic consequences" for the people of Gaza." This is collective punishment that will sentence all Palestinians in Gaza to death. The ICJ's provisional measures require the immediate enablement of humanitarian aid. You are assisting Israel in breaking international law and have been repeatedly. I demand that you:  - Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and all areas Israel is murdering and violating the human rights of Palestinians – Secure the immediate release and safety of Mansour Shouman, a Palestinian Canadian independent journalist and humanitarian worker, who was recently illegally abducted by Israel in Khan Younis on 1/23 while trying to evacuate to Rafah from the Nasser Hospital on a “safe route” as directed by Israel - Secure the immediate release and safety of all Palestinians illegally held captive in Israeli military prisons - Immediately resume funding of UNRWA and commit additional resources to all humanitarian groups providing aid to Palestinians not only because it is the right thing to do, but to end U.S. complicity in genocide - Call for the immediate end of Israel's genocide, occupation, and apartheid being brutally imposed on Palestine, and support Palestinians in their fight for freedom and peace - Permanently end all monetary and military aid given to Israel by correcting our budget and enforcing our own laws like Leahy Law - Reallocate all funds given to Israel to ongoing humanitarian relief for Palestinians to help them rebuild, care for the sick & injured, bury the dead with dignity, and ensure all of their basic needs are taken care of - Repeal all federal anti-BDS laws and pass legislation that voids all state-level anti-BDS laws

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