Resistbot Petition: Defend Our Right to Protest! (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

Defend Our Right to Protest!

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I am writing to express my strong opposition to HB2218 (Morse) regarding protests and liability for damages. While I understand the need to maintain public safety, this bill takes a heavy-handed approach that undermines fundamental rights and freedoms. Protests have been a cornerstone of our democracy, allowing citizens to voice their concerns and advocate for change. However, by imposing strict liability for any damages that occur during a protest, this bill creates a chilling effect on free speech and assembly. Furthermore, the language of the bill is vague and overreaching. The term "property damage" is broad and could encompass minor incidents that are beyond the control of protest organizers. Holding them liable for such damages is unjust and disproportionate. Moreover, penalizing individuals for blocking an interstate highway or emergency vehicle, regardless of intent or circumstances, is draconian and ignores the complexities of protest dynamics. Many times, protesters are forced into such actions as a last resort to draw attention to urgent issues that are being ignored by those in power. Rather than stifling dissent and punishing those who exercise their constitutional rights, we should be working towards constructive dialogue and finding solutions that address the root causes of social unrest. This bill sets a dangerous precedent and threatens the very fabric of our democracy. I urge you to reconsider this misguided proposal and uphold the principles of free speech, assembly, and dissent that are essential to a healthy and vibrant society.

▶ Created on March 9 by MO Residents

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