Resistbot Petition: POTUS, put an end to the cynical GOP debt-ceiling blackmail!
An open letter to the President

POTUS, put an end to the cynical GOP debt-ceiling blackmail!

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You have the power, and the solid economic record, to put an end to this cynical Republican debt-ceiling blackmail. MAGA extremists are still threatening to shatter the economy. It’s time to play hardball. You have options:  Enforce the 14th Amendment, which has higher priority than the bogus debt-ceiling law, rather than defaulting on payments. Circumvent the debt-ceiling law by minting trillion-dollar coins. Delay the debt ceiling financial catastrophe by selling higher-yield premium bonds to investors.  America does not negotiate with violent terrorists—and we shouldn't negotiate with economic terrorists either. Hold strong—we’ve got your back! Thanks.

▶ First sent on May 17 by Jess Craven

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