Resistbot Petition: Investigate Trump’s Mar-a-Lago meeting with oil execs!

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Investigate Trump’s Mar-a-Lago meeting with oil execs!

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A recent Washington Post investigation revealed that Trump summoned fossil fuel executives to his Florida home and suggested they pay him $1 billion. In exchange, Trump promised to roll back specific Biden Administration climate and fossil fuel regulations “on the first day.” Congress is awash in fossil fuel money, and our campaign finance laws are badly broken. But that kind of quid-pro-quo arrangement is begging for a Congressional investigation and conversation into how to reform our campaign finance laws. I’m your constituent and deeply concerned about the appearance of bribery. We need an inquiry, with subpoenas and findings of fact to create a public record and suggest how Congress can act to stop this kind of naked bribery. Please join other Senators in opening an investigation and hearings into the bribery scandal between big oil and Donald Trump.

▶ Created on May 16 by Skip

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