Resistbot Petition: Uphold NYC congestion pricing for sustainability (N.Y. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (N.Y. only)

Uphold NYC congestion pricing for sustainability

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Delaying the long-awaited and much-needed congestion pricing plan for New York City would be a major setback. This vital initiative aims to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and generate crucial revenue for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's infrastructure projects. Postponing its implementation would undermine years of advocacy efforts and deprive the city of substantial environmental and economic benefits. The plan's tolling scheme is carefully designed to discourage excessive driving in Manhattan's densely populated core while providing funds to modernize and expand the city's public transit system. This will encourage a modal shift towards more sustainable transportation modes and ease the burden on an aging infrastructure. Fears about deterring commuters from returning to the city overlook the long-term advantages of a more efficient and eco-friendly transportation network. Congestion pricing has proven successful in other major cities worldwide, and New York cannot afford to lag behind. The June 30 start date should be maintained to demonstrate the state's commitment to tackling climate change, reducing air pollution, and fostering a more livable urban environment. Delaying this critical initiative would be a step backwards and jeopardize the city's future sustainability goals.

▶ Created on June 5 by Alex

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