Resistbot Petition: No Human is Illegal: Protect Immigrants Within Missouri (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

No Human is Illegal: Protect Immigrants Within Missouri

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I implore you to stand against the following bills: HB2470 (Dinkins), HB2367 (West), SB1331 (Koenig), SB1372 (Eigel), SB1520 (Hoskins), SB1138 (Brattin), SB1373 (Thompson Rehder), HB1401 (Billington), and HB2523 (Billington). These proposals introduce numerous new felonies, including criminal trespassing for undocumented individuals violating state, county, or municipal laws, harboring undocumented individuals, and encouraging undocumented immigration. Additionally, they offer protections to government officials who enforce these measures in defiance of federal law. Furthermore, they penalize municipalities providing sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, restrict undocumented immigrants from attending public universities, and prohibit state funds from assisting undocumented individuals. These bills establish a system of double punishment. Immigrants within our communities facing even minor infractions may endure indefinite detention, followed by expulsion and permanent exclusion. I vehemently oppose the immunity clauses within these bills, which invite protracted and costly legal battles for our state. The responsibility for immigration enforcement lies with the federal government. These bills overstep boundaries by attempting to assume federal roles in determining individuals' residency status. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution invalidates state actions that obstruct federal immigration policies. State and local governments cannot justify adopting unconstitutional immigration laws by citing federal inaction on comprehensive reform. Granting immunity to government officials who enforce these laws raises significant concerns, as there are no limits on indemnity for state officials, effectively burdening Missourians who fund officials violating the U.S. Constitution. The motivation behind state and local criminal laws targeting undocumented immigrants often relies on misleading rhetoric about "criminal aliens" and inaccurate statistics portraying undocumented immigrants as inherently criminal or dangerous. Federal law does not consider mere unlawful presence a crime; Congress explicitly rejected making unlawful presence a federal offense in 2005. Many undocumented immigrants enter the United States legally but overstay visas or work without authorization. Treating mere undocumented presence as a crime contradicts federal law. Redirecting law enforcement resources towards targeting undocumented immigrants jeopardizes public safety. Evidence suggests immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than other residents. Diverting resources from investigating serious violent crimes to target law-abiding immigrants strains state and county correctional facilities already facing severe understaffing. Enforcing laws conflicting with federal precedent undermines public safety efforts. In conclusion, I urge you to reject these bills to uphold constitutional principles, prevent unjust treatment of immigrants, and allocate public safety resources effectively.

▶ Created on February 15 by MO Residents

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