Resistbot Petition: Protect Access to Safe Abortion (Minn. only)Resistbot Petition: Protect Access to Safe Abortion (Minn. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Minn. only)

Protect Access to Safe Abortion

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I am your constituent and I am writing to urge you to vote against HF2898 and any other anti-abortion/anti-choice legislations that is proposed in Minnesota. Cardiac activity is usually detected around the six-week mark of pregnancy—right around the time average people find out they are pregnant. The law essentially criminalizes abortion as soon as pregnancy is detectable. Additionally, the law encourages citizens to sue anyone who aids a person seeking an abortion. This sets a precent for neighbors, coworkers, and strangers to become bounty hunters against those wishing to access a medical procedure. To believe that banning abortion will effectively stop abortion is nonsensical. What this will impact is the number of safe abortions performed in this state. According to the World Health Organization the risks associated with unsafe abortion include: • incomplete abortion (failure to remove or expel all pregnancy tissue from the uterus); • hemorrhage (heavy bleeding); • infection; • uterine perforation (caused when the uterus is pierced by a sharp object); and • damage to the genital tract and internal organs as a consequence of inserting dangerous objects into the vagina or anus. Additionally, the WHO confirms that, “reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and thus increasing the likelihood that children are born wanted – can be linked to greater parental investments in children.” Access to legal and safe abortions has significant positive impacts for society overall. The right to choose is not only about the right of self-determination, but it is also about protecting the First Amendment and upholding the separation of church and state. While some Christian religions believe life begins at conception, other religions, including some Christian religions, do not share this same belief. Officials are elected to represent all Minnesotans, not just those that they share common religious beliefs, which is why the separation of church and state is so important when considering legislation. Getting an abortion is not an easy decision for a person, but that does not mean the choice should be taken away. Citizens have the right to govern what they do with their bodies, which includes not being forced to birth children against their wishes. In order for Minnesota to continue to be leader in comprehensive healthcare, we need to protect abortion access for all. Sincerely,

▶ Created on February 2, 2022 by Jennifer

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